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Building a javascript-based browser map with views for Drupal 6

Recently for a projet I needed to build a javascript-based browsing mechanism for You can see the result at I'll try to describe how this was done. It takes about two hours to set this up properly.

Compatibility: IE7 and above.

The basic idea

I categorized my content with taxonomy, then created a view with exposed filters, enabled ajax in the view, and used some extra modules to make the exposed filters more fluid. Finally, some CSS and a css sprite for the navigation map.

Read the full article on

I have experimented a bit

I have experimented a bit with javascript snippets and views, and I have found that, using a style tag and the full html filter, I can embed javascript directly in a view - thus sparing me from creating a custom module or theme just for this purpose, and best of all making my code that much harder to maintain.

-sfyn (

Hot tip man! I totally agree

Hot tip man!

I totally agree that using Views Hacks (which I just discovered the other day) is really fantastic.

-- shaneonabike

Has your project link been

Has your project link been taken down. I cant seem to connect to it.

Thanks, yes, I changed the

Thanks, yes, I changed the URL in the post and it should work now.


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